It’s January 1st, so we all know what that means, right? Resolutions. You know – all those good intentions we have to lead a healthier, more fabulous life.
Last year I made a few that were just about me. Here’s what happened.

1) Cook something new every month that’s I’d never got round to trying.
This worked out well. I went through some cookbooks and stuck sticky labels in recipes I’d wanted to try but never had. I stuck to it and have expanded my repertoire. I think I shall continue this in 2014

2) Read a book a month.
This didn’t materialise, and I’m not sure why because I do love to read. I shall reset this one as well as I have a stack of books waiting to be read.

3) Go to an event every month.
This one was great. I’ve been to see concerts, comedy gigs and Theatre and if I didn’t have anything that took my fancy one month I went to the pictures. This was a nice resolution and I shall see if I can continue with this too.

4) Wear matching underwear every day.
Oh, come on ladies…who doesn’t have a stash of lovely underwear that sits in the drawer looking beautiful while we carry on wearing the greyish mismatched stuff every day? I tried very hard to make sure I kept to this one although I’m sure there were a few days that I just grabbed whatever was available at the top, but when they did match it made me feel good from the inside even if no one else knew.

So, none of these things were life changing but they have made me feel better about myself, so maybe I shall challenge myself with something more to stimulate my brain. I have already looked into some volunteer work…so who knows what tomorrow may bring.


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