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Me and one of our favourite things – Flapjacks

In my humble opinion, there is hardly anything that can beat a Flapjack for a healthy(ish) bake. They are sweet, gooey and very easy to make.
I remember when my boy was 3 I found a Microwaveable recipe, and he would often ask whether we could make “Porridge Biscuits” and even now he is at Uni they are probably the only cake that he will bake himself as a treat. They are very tasty and very adaptable. They don’t last long in my house!


Basic Recipe (thanks to Jo Wheatley’s Passion for Baking)
1) Place 250g unsalted butter, 175g LightBrown sugar, and 150g Syrup into a large saucepan and melt them together stirring over  a low heat.

2) Once this has melted, add 300g rolled oats into it And stir it all together.

3) Mix in some dried fruit  – currants, sultanas, apricots – whatever takes your fancy. You can put chopped nuts in too if you like -up to about 200g worth in total. Spread the mixture into a 20cm square tin pre-prepared with some parchment paper and press it down.

4) Place in a preheated oven 150C/300F/Gas mark 3 initially for 20 mins. When they are golden brown and starting to firm at the edges, they’re cooked but check them and if they need a little longer, that’s fine.

5) Take the tin out of the oven and I usually use a pizza cutter to cut the mixture into squares or rectangles, then leave until completely cooled.

As I have already stated, these are very adaptable. You can use any oats, any margarine suitable for baking, and any fruits, dried or frozen that take your fancy or you just happen to have in the cupboard – I have been known to put Choc Chips in as well!

For my take this time I substituted some Demerara for part of the sugar, and some maple syrup as part of the syrup allowance as I love the taste. I had some frozen raspberries and blueberries and I added a handful of chopped pecans. They took longer to cook because there was more moisture in the mix.

They are good and gooey and taste delicious!



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