Me and my take on the Advantages Of Shopping Locally

We have so many ways of shopping these days – some involve sitting on the sofa and moving your fingers about, some involve sitting in a vehicle whilst you travel miles to wander round an enclosed space full of stuff you don’t even know if you want, and the weekly shop means clutching a list whilst you battle your way around a giant edifice that is designed to entice you to purchase more than you need for the week’s meals.

I am very lucky that we have some good shops within walking distance that are not the usual shops, so I do like to shop locally if I can. It’s not just good for me, but good for them too.

We have a great family-run Electricals store that is always my first port of call when I need that type of thing. The owner knows me by my name, and even though you don’t need to buy those items very often, he knows I go there first. Recently we decided to upgrade my 15 year old oven as it was developing hotspots and was really at the end of it’s life. We had a new kitchen last year, and had just moved the double oven into a new position.

This year just before Christmas we decided it was time to update the oven and maybe get one of those combi microwaves as well. We went to the shop, explained what we wanted and as usual they were more than happy to advise and said it may be a few weeks, but they would let me know when it was all available. Sure enough just after New Year they rang, arranged a delivery time and it was all sweet…except…the 2 ovens would not fit into the space I had available! I rang and explained, they gave me the number of their kitchen fitter who just confirmed that those particular models would indeed not fit into the space we had. The original member of staff told us to go ahead and fit the single oven and he would order another microwave that would fit. So last Friday they came and took the original one away and left the new one. When we went to fit it the fascia had exactly the same problem…too big!!

On the Saturday morning I went back and explained again and said that I would maybe need to change the brand of microwave to get one that would fit into the space. He was concerned that they wouldn’t match…so he asked did I want to swap the single oven for the new brand? Now, we have only had it for a week, I’ve only baked one cake, and a couple of pizzas, and some cheese on toast, but can you imagine a big retail store being that accommodating?

Monday of this week the delivery van arrived to take both the original single oven and the 2nd Microwave away, and this morning they have brought the 3rd microwave. Each time the shop have rung me the evening before confirming the delivery time, and each time they have been punctual and polite.

Although I have not ended up with exactly what I thought I wanted at the beginning this wasn’t through lack of trying, and as much my fault as theirs and I would definitely give them 5 ⭐️ for Customer Service.

Now that it is fitted, I am actually very pleased with what I have ended up with and am very much looking forward to using my new equipment for cooking and baking. In fact, I may bake them something to say thanks!

Footnote 28/1/2014
I took them a tray of Chocolate Orange Brownies this morning…they were gob-smacked and pleased as punch! 😃



2 thoughts on “Me and my take on the Advantages Of Shopping Locally

  1. Baking them something to say thanks is a lovely idea!
    We live in a small town and we like to support our local businesses as much as possible.
    Happy cooking with your lovely new oven. 🙂

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