My Musical Boy

My son is musical.

He learned the recorder in about 6 weeks, much to the annoyance of the rest of the 7 year olds in the group. He tried the violin but could not make the instrument sound like he knew it should, and it made him cross. He started the piano which was much more to his taste, and after a taster day at school aged 8 he declared that he wanted to learn the Trombone. This was fun, as he couldn’t actually carry the instrument round to school as he was so little, so we bought him a golf bag trolley so he could wheel it there. For the first Grade exam he did he got a Distinction…and his Teacher said no one ever got that!

He had lessons for piano until his teacher told us that that she couldn’t teach him any more as he had surpassed her. We told him that he didn’t need to do the Grades if he didn’t want to, but he got to Grade 7 before he decided that would be enough.

He joined the local Brass Band, and played with them at local events.
He has played at school concerts in Jazz Band, Orchestra and solo. We have loved hearing him play, and take no credit for his talent, as neither my Husband or I can play an instrument.

He’s always enjoyed Musical Theatre and has played Zazu in The Lion King and Mr Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors in school productions. He loves to play and sing from the soundtracks. His Musical Comedy Heroes are Bill Bailey and Tim Minchin, and he has performed their songs at School Showcases. He encouraged his Sixth Form to start a Barbershop group and they won a gold medal in their first attempt in competition.

He writes music and even though he is my son, I cannot believe how amazing it is. He sits at the piano and wonderful music fills the air and my heart bursts with pride.

He just knows how the music works and that is a gift.

Tonight he has been invited to play at a sheet music launch for one of his favourite artists, and who knows what could happen. And if nothing does, at least he will have a wonderful memory of an amazing evening.

I am wishing my wonderful musical son Good Luck for tonight, and keeping everything crossed for him.

We were so lucky that a video was produced of his playing

Dan Branch playing Familiar by Niks Frahm


3 thoughts on “My Musical Boy

  1. It will be an amazing experience for him, Stella.
    I’m sure it will be the start of many good things.
    Lovely post – I can feel the love and pride with each word. x

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