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Me and Sport Relief

I would hardly call us a Sporting family. My Hubby’s idea of sport is watching anything with wheels on from the comfort of the sofa. The kids? Forget it, music is much more their thing. We have never participated in or watched any ball-based activities, except for when I’m watching 2 weeks of Wimbledon a year. We hardly use our legs apart from walking to the local shops BUT as soon as there is a Sport Relief logo, I get excited. This is a reason for people to do bonkers things and for other people to pay so they don’t need to feel guilty about not joining in. Davina McCall is at this moment doing an amazing challenge, and Team Honk -a bloggers relay-are also making their way across the country to raise money. When my kids were small we did take part in several Sport Relief Miles, including one along the Embankment which Princes William and Harry were at (We didn’t see them) I love how the whole country gets involved in some way or another. I love how schools allow their pupils to forgo school uniform and wear their t-shirts, socks and whatever other merchandise has been released to encourage us to part with more money than if a tin was shaken under our noses. I love how, no matter what the economic climate appears to be, every year the British public are generous and raise more and more. It makes my heart sing to know that in general we are a small nation with a massive heart.

Everyone who is doing something, I salute you! Oh, and in may have sponsored some of you too. 😄


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