If I Were

I saw this on a blogger’s page so I thought I would join in.

A Month February no doubt- my birth month
A Country Italy – many happy memories
A Time Of Day Dusk
A Sea Animal Seahorse – the men carry the babies!
A Direction West
A Liquid Got to be Tea
A Gemstone Amethyst or Turquoise – tough to decide between the two
A Tree Can I choose a Saguaro Cactus?
A Game Hopscotch
A Famous Painting Adam And God by Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel Ceiling
A Flower White Lily
A Kind Of Weather Balmy Evening
A Musical Instrument Piano
A Piece Of Furniture A Chaise Long
A Colour Turquoise
A Means Of Transportation My Feet
An Emotion Does Contentment count?
A Fruit Blueberries
A Sound My Children’s laughter
A Vehicle A Morgan Car
A Place The Canyon in Sedona, Arizona – so lovely
A Taste Pecan Pie…oh, so good.
A Scent Vanilla
An Animal A Lion – I’m married to one!
A Random Object A Pair of Statement Earrings
A Body Part Eyes – I’m told mine are pretty
A Song 8 Days A Week by the Beatles
An Item Of Clothing Red Stilettos

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8 thoughts on “If I Were

  1. Love, love,love your answers! A pair of statement earrings, what an awesome thing to be =D i very nearly picked turquoise for my colour. And what i love the scent vanilla. So glad you joined in xx

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