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Me and A Picture of My Nan


My Nan had 8 children, my Mum being the eldest. When you are a child, you don’t really think about the ages of people, so it never occurred to me that she wasn’t really old for a Nan, and she had a baby 18 months after I was born, so our generations overlapped.

In this picture she would have been about 47. That’s me on the left, in my fab dress that my Auntie made me for Christmas because she thought, probably correctly, that I rarely had anything nice. My Brother had been born in the May of 67, and this was taken then, when everyone came to visit. To my Nan’s right is my Uncle…the one born after me. A surprise addition to the family, but deeply loved by us all. On the right is one of my Cousins, and my Sister is the little one in the front.

We were so lucky that Nanny was young and active and always smiley. She always made us feel like although there were a lot of us, we alone were her special favourite…like Bruce Forsythe!

She moved from the East End to the Essex Coast in the 1970s and we all spent lovely times visiting her…you had to almost make an appointment to visit, as there was always someone wanting to go, especially when the grandchildren grew up, had partners and children. I feel very lucky that my Hubby and kids knew her too, and have lovely memories of splashing in the sea, and eating chips and ice cream on the beach with her and her silly dog.


4 thoughts on “Me and A Picture of My Nan

  1. Lovely memories of your Nan. It was a heart-warming post and I could easily have read a lot more. Hopefully we’ll be hearing some more about your Nan. She sounds a lovely character.
    LOVE the photograph. x

  2. you have not changed very much Stella and i think you look like your Nan too. what a lovely memory and she sounds like a very lovely land much loved adyx x

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