Me and Fashion: Designer, High Street, or Supermarket?

I’ve just been for a little mooch around a local Shopping Centre and have come back with nothing after a dilemma.

You see, I saw this beauty


And I really like it, but it was what I consider quite a lot of money for a sweater. I did something similar a few weeks ago when my poor hubby was desperately trying to buy me something for my Birthday. I saw a beautiful piece of costume jewellery, but again, I felt that it was too much money.

It got me wondering…how many of us actually buy Designer labels? I mean, I loved Sex and The City and all the shoes and beautiful outfits, but would I pay £500 for a pair of shoes? Don’t make me laugh! The only brand names I wear are probably Converse and Birkenstock, both of which I have several pairs, but my feet have been the same size my whole adult life and the shoes will last a long time. I do own over 40 pairs of shoes, but I look after them and keep them in boxes if they’re shoes I don’t wear often, but want to keep.

I do buy at the slightly higher end of the High Street, and when looking for a dress for a wedding last year, I was certainly not going to pay £100 for a dress I’d wear once. I looked in Monsoon and Phase Eight – and I got a fab dress on the sale rail.

This is it…I don’t like to pay full price I suppose. I like to use vouchers for 20% off – why wouldn’t I? And if something you like is in the sale – result!

So, how much is acceptable to pay for something? Some would say (including me!) that £50 is too much for a pair of plimsolls which is what Converse are. A coat of good quality? Boots?

Ladies, I’m asking you especially…does anyone of you own a Radley or Mulberry bag? A Barbour jacket? A pair of Manolos or Jimmy Choos? Is it acceptable to have one of these covetable items if they are a gift? Or do we mostly stick to the High Street shops and Supermarkets?

And most importantly…should I buy this sweater just because I like it…a lot!?


3 thoughts on “Me and Fashion: Designer, High Street, or Supermarket?”

  1. That’s a rather gorgeous pullover. Go on, be a devil and buy it! Personally I could never bring myself to spend a small fortune on clothes and accessories. I have this weird idea that clothes are a luxury and only bought as a treat. Consequently, I rarely buy myself anything and only when I really need to. It drives my husband mad. I see something on the rack and say how lovely it is. He tells me to buy it and I baulk at the thought. Too much of an extravagance! Most of my clothes come from Marks and Spencer’s but if I could bring myself to part with the pounds I would opt for lovely things from Boden, Seasalt or Phase Eight.

  2. I do have name make clothes but they are all from the charity shop. I have had many a bargain over the years. I’m currently wearing a Next winter coat and it cost me a fiver. My summer jacket is Jasper Conran and that also cost me a fiver. Both were as new when I bought them. Some items still have their original tags on them. I get decent clothes at a bargain price and the charity gets money. It’s a win win situation. The one item of clothing I would pay full price for would be a Barbour wax jacket because they last for years and they are as rare as Unicorn poo in the charity shops. x

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