Me and my Desert Island Discs

I’ve never actually listened to Desert Island Discs, but of course I know the concept of the programme. Choose 8 songs/pieces of music, a book and an object that you’d need with you if you were stranded on a Desert Island. Apparently they also supply you with a complete works of Shakespeare and the Bible too, so you should at least learn something whilst marooned.

I have seen that several bloggers have been involved in this, and then the lovely Tracy from tagged me to take part. How hard could it be, thought I? Well, it’s taken me about 3 days of cogitation and deliberation to come up with this list but I think it might be my perfect set although there are many other songs I love to listen to depending on my mood.

I have included a link to each song if there are some you may not be familiar with, or would just like to listen to.

Always A Woman – Billy Joel I have loved Mr Joel since the very first Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, and have seen him live on several occasions. This particular song shows women can be contrary and independent but the man who wrote it thinks this is a marvellous thing.

We are Family – Sister Sledge I know it’s cheesy as hell but this is the song that gets all us girls up on the dance floor at parties. My sisters, aunties, cousins, nieces all join in. Love it!!

In My Life – The Beatles This track is probably not as well known as some, but I love the words and it brings back memories from my time in the US in the year of my 20th birthday when the Beatles seemed to be on the radio all the time. My two American friends were huge Beatles fans, and this is when I realised how good the songs were.

Clair De Lune -Debussy Long before Twilight this piece was one of my favourites. I was introduced to it as a teenager by someone who used to play it at church on a terrible old piano, but I was entranced. This same person introduced me to this version by Tomika. It comes from an album called Snowflakes are Dancing which is all Electronic versions of Debussy pieces.

Rigonfiamente Del Cuore – Reeder My Son wrote this piece which is called, in Italian, the Swelling of The Heart. It is exactly how it makes me feel when I hear it, and it would definitely be a piece I could listen to forever. When we went to Castle Howard in the Summer of 2012 he played it on the piano in the library…magical moment…

Stella By Starlight – Frank Sinatra What can I say? My mum named me for this, I’d have to include it. It’s a gorgeous song and he had a fabulous voice.

Defying Gravity – Idina Menzel from the musical Wicked I have seen a lot of musicals in my life so a track from one was definitely to be included, but choosing one was difficult. Wicked is in the top 5 shows I’ve seen, and this track and the staging makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand right up!

I’m on Fire -Bruce Springsteen I’ve always been a fan of Mr Springsteen, and have seen him live on several occasions. He is dynamic and leaps all over the stage. This song however is subtle and very sexy…makes me go all unnecessary…

Book – Gone With The Wind – Margaret Mitchell I first read this when I was 15 and fell in love. With Scarlett and her determination to get exactly what she wanted. She was no sappy Disney Princess, but full of vim and vigour and not averse to using her womanly wiles to succeed. And then there was Rhett…just waiting for her to realise that actually they should be together…and it ended on a cliff hanger, never concluding the story which is a very brave way to end a book, with everybody wanting more.

Object Can I choose a notebook and pencil? They do go together, and I could still write a diary, or draw what I saw – I might jot down recipes too.

I hope you enjoy this post and makes you think about what you would choose.

I don’t know too many bloggers yet to tag, but what do you think ? And ? And ? Fancy a go?


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