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Me and Sewing

I have been making clothes for an awfully long time. When we were young, my mum was always running up something or another as there were, as I’ve already told you, a lot of us.
As a teen I remember going to the market on a Thursday and buying some fabric, cutting something out on the Thursday, pinning and sewing on the Friday and wearing on the Saturday Night, just so I’d have something new to wear that wouldn’t be the same as everyone else. Not everything was finished to the highest standard but that didn’t matter. When the Pirate look (Ahh, Adam Ant, *sigh*) was the rage I made the biggest white blouse that cost me Β£4 and I wore it with Peppermint Green jeans and Black Suede Pixie Boots – What? Don’t judge me, it was the 80s!
I made my Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid’s dresses and have made curtains and blinds and cushions. I was the wardrobe Mistress for my kids’ school productions. My son was Zazu in the Lion King and I had great fun devising his costume which included a baseball cap with a giant beak like brim. My daughter aged 9 would only go to the Victorian Day at school if I could make her a dress like Violet Baudelaire’s from A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I gave it my best shot and she was very pleased.
My problem is that I have to be in the mood for sewing, and it is the only time that my usually ladylike language gets a bit fruity when something goes wrong.
My mojo has been a bit lacking of late although I did buy a new Sewing Machine a few years ago with the small inheritance I got from my Mum – I knew that she would approve of that purchase. But Huzzah! The Great British Sewing Bee has rekindled my ardour, and this morning I went and bought myself an Overlocker as I have coveted one for years. I have a beautiful piece of Jersey fabric in my stash ( all us crafty types have one of those – fabrics we’ve purchased because they’re beautiful and one day we will make something from them) that will make a lovely maxi dress. And with 1 Engagement Party, 2 Weddings and my son’s Graduation this Summer, I do have reason to have new frocks!

Watch this space!


10 thoughts on “Me and Sewing

  1. Please tell me there is a photograph of you looking dandy in your Adam Ant gear! πŸ˜‰
    I can do the basics when it comes to sewing but I’ve always wanted to make my own things…
    Never to old to learn new things,eh? πŸ˜‰

    1. I’m not sure…but there is a picture of me in a dress I made with parrots all over it!
      No, it’s never too late. Get the new Sewing Bee book…it’s Mother’s Day soon, isn’t it?

  2. What a lovely background to your sewing story. My nan taught me as my mum couldn’t sew. I’ve still got her old singer machine upstairs.

    I would love to see some pictures of what you make with your new overlocker πŸ™‚

  3. I really admire anyone who can sew. Both my mum and sister are great seamstresses but sadly I didn’t inherit the sewing gene. During my first needlework lesson at school I managed to knacker a sewing machine. It took me a year to almost complete a dap bag and I finally got kicked out of the class for cheating! My boys had to endure the embarrassment of their Cub badges sewn on wonkily only to fall off by the following week. I dread sewing in DT lessons at school. Not only can I not sew, but nor can I thread a needle either. I have to stop myself from effing and blinding in front of my class of seven year olds! Have fun with your new over locker but I think I’ll keep to my baking ! Xx

    1. To be fair, at school I made a 4 panel skirt with one panel in back to front and a dirty great iron scorch! I don’t like pressure, I like to sew at my leisure…which is why I would NEVER apply to the Sewing Bee.

  4. It must be so nice to be able to make your daughter’s costumes. My mom used to make me dresses all the time, and I was left 2 singer sewing machines. I just never could get the habit of sewing.

  5. Well done you for doing it. I think the purchase of a new piece of equipment is always a great incentive. I use to be quite a keen sewer in years gone by but don’t seem to have the patience now. Really looking forward to seeing how your projects progress πŸ™‚

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