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Me and St. Patrick’s Day – My Recollections of Ireland

When did St Patrick’s Day become such a big deal? Everywhere you look it’s Guiness, Beef Stew, and Green! Any excuse to get thoroughly bladdered from what I can make out. Nothing like my recollections of Ireland if I’m honest.

I’m a quarter Irish on my Mum’s side, and I remember as children getting Shamrock through the post every year from my Grandad. It was sad when he died and it no longer arrived. We went on a family holiday to Cork and the surrounding areas when I was very young and I remember being chased around the kitchen by my Grandad with his false teeth in his hand, screaming and giggling all the way.

I went to Grandad’s Funeral when I was 19 as I was the eldest Grandchild, and felt it was my duty. They held the wake in the local pub, and everyone came to shake my hand and tell me what a good man he had been. Not that I could understand hardly anything that anybody said to me because the accents were so thick!! I had the opportunity to stay for a few days with my Aunt who lived in Dublin, and visited the Trinity College Library to see the Book of Kells. It was at this point that I found our Family Crest, and discovered that we went back to William of Orange!

I really should take my family over to Ireland, as it is such a beautiful place from what I remember and often see on tv programmes.



3 thoughts on “Me and St. Patrick’s Day – My Recollections of Ireland

    1. I don’t really have many more memories because he split with my Nan and these are the only times we had anything to do with him. I think my Mum kept in touch with a few cousins, but those are the only times I’ve been over. Sad really.

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