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My Daughter And Her Guitar / Loud n Proud

I can hear her, playing her guitar, repeating chords and riffs until I can recognise exactly what she is playing. When she’s got it right, she will play the song and sing along. It sounds good.
She first expressed an interest in playing when she was 10 but her track record of trying things out and quickly moving on was something we were very aware of. Her 11th birthday was approaching so we decided we would buy her a starter guitar – she wanted an electric – and she was happy as anything. We found out the number of a teacher who would come to the house. He came about 6 times before he got whisked away on a tour to support a quite well known singer. We bought her a chord book and a book of music with songs that she liked and crossed our fingers.
It worked. She loved it. She learned the songs she enjoyed and after a couple of years the guitar was upgraded and an Electro Acoustic was added to her collection. She now has a Mandolin and a Ukelele too. YouTube has been her friend as well.
She usually only plays in the privacy of her bedroom, but it makes her happy. And that makes me happy. I’m so proud that she has persisted and found something that is totally hers.


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7 thoughts on “My Daughter And Her Guitar / Loud n Proud

  1. That’s brilliant, well done to her! My son who is 10 learns at school. I don’t think he’s progressing anywhere near quick enough. I think he would do better to teach himself and experiment like this.

    1. I think it depends on the teacher…and if the child doesn’t connect to the music, there’s not much point – especially when you are paying.
      It’s also lovely when my boy is about and they jam together. I 💙 listening to that.

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