Where Did The Time Go?

Today it’s my Baby’s 19th Birthday. Her last teen year. How the heck did that happen? It only seems like yesterday that she was starting Senior School, or even Junior School, or even we were bringing her home from the Hospital!

She has occasionally been a complete Pain In The Bum…hence her nickname of Pib.

But she’s a tryer, always working to the best of her abilities even though she hasn’t always found it easy. We love her and are so proud of the quirky, musical and determined young lady she has become.

Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl

(She hates when I call her beautiful or gorgeous, although it’s patently obvious that she is)



8 thoughts on “Where Did The Time Go?

  1. she is gorgeous and i love her prom dress.
    knowing how fast my two are growing up, i can imagine how you must feel at how quickly the time has passed by with your two children x xx

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