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Me and Stardom – well, almost

I follow our local theatre on Twitter so I can keep abreast of the shows that are coming up. This time last year they ran a competition and because I knew the answer to the question, I followed the link and replied…and forgot about it. A couple of days later I got an email saying that I had won!

The prize was for 2 tickets for me and a friend and to meet the cast and go backstage to the show The Blues Brothers – a show I have seen several times before. There was also the chance of a walk-on part! I asked my daughter if she would like to come as I knew it was less like a musical and more like a live band and I knew she would enjoy it. I also asked if she wanted to go on the stage, but she declined.

We turned up at the stage door and were greeted by a member of staff who called the guy who was playing Jake. To be honest it was a bit frantic, but he showed us round, we went on the stage and saw how big the theatre is from there…I had no idea! I was briefed on my part, which having seen the show before, I knew what that would entail. Then they gave us some merchandise – Hats, Sunglasses and a programme – and we waited for the show to begin.


We were sat in the front row so had an amazing view of the stage. If you are not aware of The Blues Brothers, you’re missing a treat. Fabulous music played by a live band, great backing singers and very high octane.

A few songs into the second half it was time for audience participation. The song in question is “Flip, Flop, Fly” which has actions and dividing the audience to sing and learn the actions. However after getting everyone to sing, Jake stopped and pointed at me. I could feel the whole audience take an intake of breath as they probably thought I was being picked on. He asked me why I wasn’t singing and I said I didn’t know the words (I did) Then the words were brought down from the ceiling and he invited me up on stage. I could still feel the atmosphere as I climbed the stairs up on to the stage. The ladies who were sitting next to us had eyes like saucers!


Once on stage I was “taught” the actions and then we were off! I joined in the singing – into the microphone of Jake- did the actions and danced right around the stage! I LOVED it! My daughter took some pictures ( even though we weren’t really allowed) and then I was presented to the audience and bowed. It was fab being clapped. As I got to the bottom of the steps from the stage, my daughter gave me a high-5 – major kudos to Mum!

As we were leaving there were a few grins as people realised it was me who had been on stage, and I was still grinning from ear to ear when I got home.
What an evening I had!


16 thoughts on “Me and Stardom – well, almost

  1. what a great opportunity! I won tickets to a local show once, it was great but nothing like this. You were certainly brave to go on stage!

  2. Blimey. Well done you! My daughter would have been mortified, so pleased that yours gave you a high five!

    1. I think that it’s good to show your kids that you’re a real person and not just Mum sometimes. I used to do Drama and Dancing, so getting up on stage didn’t frighten me. She was impressed though – made her look at me in a different way 😊

  3. Loved this post!!
    What an amazing time you had!
    No ‘almost’ about it, Stella – you’ve officially been on the stage. But you know…to your daughter, you’ll always be a star. πŸ˜‰
    Great pic of you both. x

  4. wow Stella what an AMAZING night and memory! was your daughter proud or crinigng? i will say the former because it sounds like you were a star!!! i have seen the movie so i can imagine how well it works on stage. what a good thing you answered that tweet!!
    enjoyed reading this it made me smile x
    thank you for linking up x x

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