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Me and Once – The Musical

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of musical theatre. I’m lucky enough to live a train ride from the West End, and over the years have seen most of the shows.

My family have come with me on many occasions but it is my son who is my main Theatre buddy in recent years, he enjoys them as much as I do.
I knew he was coming home for a week or so a few weeks ago, so asked if he’d like to go and see Once as I’d had an e-mail with a good deal on the tickets. I never pay full price for tickets! He thought it would be fun to go so I got 2 tickets for a Matinee. An added bonus was that Arthur Darvill who had played Rory in Doctor Who was in it for a limited season and we are very much fans in this house.

I didn’t know a lot about it except it had been recommended by several people I know, and I had tried to watch the film it was based on, but gave up after the first 10 mins because the accents were too thick!

When we got to the Theatre we were pleased to discover that our seats were in the very front row of the second circle giving a fab view of the stage.


The set was a bar and they were serving drinks to some of the audience – I believe you could pay for that privilege.

I won’t go into the story too much, just to say that it was a great show. It was set in Dublin and there was a lot of Mumford-esque music…not a bad thing! The leads had wonderful voices and the set changes were very clever. There were only 12 people in the whole show, and the music was all played by them on the stage. There were funny moments and heart-wrenching moments.

If you’re in London and fancy a good show that is not a Full-Blown Musical this is definitely well worth a look.

I only wish I’d bought the soundtrack!


Oh…and Arthur Darvill was very good 😀


6 thoughts on “Me and Once – The Musical

  1. Sounds fab!
    I love going to the theatre – doesn’t happen as often as I’d like but I love it when I do get the chance to go but I’ve yet to see a professional musical.
    I think it’s lovely that you go with your son…lovely memories that you’ll both treasure. x

    1. I’ve watched Musical films since I was young with my Mum…started with Shirley Temple. I guess I’ve just carried on with my family…and even Disney films are Musicals.

  2. I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of musical theatre. I suppose, if I lived near the west end, I would be. My mum goes to watch a lot in Cardiff Bay, I will tell her about this one, in case it tours xx

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