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Penelope – my husband’s other love.

My husband has another love.

She takes up most of his weekends. She’s sexy and shiny and he likes to rub her body to make her motor run.
Her name is Penelope. And she lives at the bottom of our garden.

And this is her.



Well, this is what he hopes she’s going to look like when she’s completed.

Let me just say, my husband is, and has always been, a petrol head. He’s never happier than when he’s tinkering with bits of metal, or rubber and is covered in oil. I try desperately to make him wear overalls so that he doesn’t come in from the garage in his dirty jeans and sit on the cream sofa. Over the years he’s always done the work on our cars and his motorbikes, which is great, because it gives him headspace from his very demanding work and saves us money. And at least I know where he is and only have to make sure he has tea every couple of hours.

I don’t even drive, so don’t know the throttle from the brake! ( Not true…I’ve had too many lessons to count, can drive, but just cannot pass a test!)

Over the years he has bought decrepit bikes, spent hours poring over eBay for bits, spent months doing them up and selling them. Sometimes he keeps them and rides them for a while before he sells them, but he’s not that interested once they’re finished.

Penelope is a Pembleton. (So she had to be Penelope, didn’t she?)He hasn’t done a whole car build and it just so happened that someone he knew was wanting to get rid of her in a hurry. She turned up as a rolling chassis, a box of bits and a non running motor. The bodywork was not attached in any way. This is my daughter sitting in her on the day she arrived 15 months ago.


He knew it would take a while…

To be continued…


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