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Me and knitting

My Mum and my Nan always had knitting needles in their hands. As kids we always had something hand knitted. A few things that I remember are a particularly fetching batwing jumper with 2 stripes from the waistband over each shoulder that my Mum knitted me when I was about 9, and one Christmas – it must have been in the 80s – my Nan knitted all us girls fair-isle leg warmers which we all wore with pride. I also had a fabulous cherry red knitted skirt and jacket suit that my Mum made me when I was about 20 that I loved wearing. In this picture of me and my Mum we are both wearing jumpers that my Mum knitted…I loved that jumper!


I’m not sure when I learned to knit although I have a suspicion that it was in the mid 70s when due to a certain Dr Who we all wanted scarves that were at least 6 ft long. They were knitted on needles that were as fat as your thumb so they knitted quickly. I made mine in school colours so the 3 of us who walked to school together could all wrap it around our necks. I was advised that it really wasn’t school uniform, so to refrain ASAP. I still wore it with my long coat though…I think it came down to my ankles even wrapped twice around my neck.

I don’t remember knitting anything substantial since. I can do knit and purl, and cables, but some of the obviously more complicated stitches elude me and reading some of the patterns makes no sense to me. I love yarn and have bought some and stashed it away knowing that one day I would make something from it. I think that the fact that I need to plan it way in advance as I’m not a very fast knitter puts me off. I did make a lovely red and white striped baby outfit of a jumper and leggings in a gorgeous 4ply French yarn when pregnant with my boy, and was really pleased that he looked so adorable in it.

A couple of years ago I found some gorgeous textural yarn that I just had to have. I bought a few balls not having any idea what I would make. I didn’t buy very much, so decided that actually a scarf was the most obvious solution as I’m a scarf wearer, and there would be no shaping or trickiness. Because the yarn was so interesting, I knew that I’d only need to use a simple knit stitch so I cast on and got knitting! I was very pleased with the result.


I was on a roll! I went through my stash again and discovered a beautiful variegated yarn, again a small amount, so decided that I’d try a Rib pattern. It turned out well…it’s very pretty and warm!


Fairly recently I visited a Stitching and Craft fair with my friend and there were amazing yarns made of silk mixtures and they cost a lot of money! But I was drawn to a stall that had patterns and yarns bundled up with enough to make the garment at a really reasonable cost and this stole ( I know – it’s only one step up from a scarf) really caught my eye. The yarn is 90% recycled and the pattern didn’t actually look too complicated even though the garment looks great.

That’s what I’m knitting now. It’s so therapeutic and it’s growing quite quickly. Now I’ve got the hang of it I’m thinking I might make my sisters one each for Christmas! What do you think? Would you like to receive this as a gift?



7 thoughts on “Me and knitting”

  1. Lovely post, Stella with some nice pics. Love the one of you and your mum.
    I would be thrilled to receive the shawl – I’m sure your sisters will love them.
    I knit but for me, it’s a winter sport because my hands get so hot and the wool squeaks against the needles. Urgh! I’m quite impatient when it comes to knitting so I mostly knit scarves and I knits em BIG! 😀 x

    1. My knitting used to be very tight, my mum told me to put talc on my needles! But now I have bamboo needles they’re so much better. They don’t scrape against each other.

  2. How lovely that knitting is so special to you and your mum and nan =] i don’t think i’d have the patience to knit. I might try it one day. The scarves you’ve made are brilliant, i love the multi coloured one. A customer at work knitted me a lovely yellow blanket for Erin, just a small one which was a perfect size for her car seat and have put it in Erin’s memory box now. I think handmade presents are the best, much more thoughtful and special. I think your sisters would be lucky to have a knitted scarf for christmas! Love the picture of you and your mum =] a very sweet post xxx

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