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My Musical Children/ Loud n proud

I’ve written before on my blog about how musical my children are

This weekend at my Cousin’s Wedding I had a great chance to share their talents with other people.

Last year my son wrote and produced an EP of his own music. My cousin heard it and asked whether there would be any chance that he could write something that she could include in her Wedding Ceremony. It was a bit tricky to fit it all in with his Uni work, but he managed. This is what he wrote for when they signed the register.
The Bride was really happy and many of the congregation congratulated him on a job well done. I was proud as punch.

My daughter plays guitar but mainly in her bedroom, as I wrote about before so when the Bride’s daughter C asked if she would accompany her for a few songs during the reception, she was quite nervous but didn’t want to let C down, so she said ok. She practised the songs at home, and on Friday afternoon they managed to have a 45 min rehearsal together before the Big Day.


They performed a stripped back version of Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 and another of Use Somebody by the Foo Fighters. It was beautiful. C’s voice is like Nora Jones’ and with the guitar accompaniment was just perfect. I know they were both nervous, but there was eye contact and reassurance for each other and it will, I hope, be the first of many performances together.

I have no input into my children’s talents, and my heart just bursts with pride when I hear them perform.

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