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Me and 28 years of Wedded Bliss

This day, 28 years ago, I married my Hubby.

We’d got engaged in October, on holiday in Arizona where we chose a sweet $99 ring, bought our flat above a car showroom and moved in on my birthday in February, and planned our Wedding in the next 4 months.
I made my dress and the Bridesmaids dresses. My dress took 10 yds of fabric and cost me the grand sum of ยฃ100. Everyone knew I was making my dress, so the sharp intakes of breath that I heard as I walked down the aisle were music to my ears. I felt like a Princess. The girls’ dresses cost about ยฃ50 for the three. My Auntie helped me make them and they took about a month altogether.
A lady that I worked with did floristry on the side, and made my bouquets for me. My MIL made our cake, three tiers and traditional. As soon as we’d got engaged my family all asked what we needed them to bring for our Buffet.
My Husband put together a mixtape for our reception of all our favourite music. We had our reception in the upstairs room of a dingy old pub that had forgotten we had booked it until Hubby and Best Man turned up with the cake to set it up! (I didn’t know about this til the next day).
My cousin was so upset that we didn’t have a “proper” Wedding Car that she arranged for a friend of hers who had a cream Jaguar to ribbon up his car and pick me up and take me through the town as she felt it was very important.
A friend of ours said he would do the photographs, and then didn’t turn up on the day, so we just had to rely on everyone to send us a copy of their photos for our Album.
Our Best Man had a fight with his girlfriend the night before and had a right grump on all day.

It rained all day, but I didn’t mind.

We had a Honeymoon of 4 days in Paris.

I think our whole Wedding, including the Honeymoon, came to the grand sum of ยฃ1500. Nowadays Brides spend much more than that just on their dresses!

Would I change a thing? No! My jaw ached for days because I was smiling the whole day. I was surrounded by everyone I loved, and we made the ceiling of the pub downstairs shake with all the dancing.

We’ve come a long way since that day. And we still mostly like each other, through thick and thin.



17 thoughts on “Me and 28 years of Wedded Bliss

  1. *wipes tears away*
    This is so beautiful and your dress!!! You made that? I’m VERY impressed!!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day – one to treasure.
    Happy anniversary to you and your man – here’s to many more. xXx

      1. Impressive!
        I wore a peach suit with a peach hat and with peach shoes…I looked like a walking peach.
        Oh – and I had SHOULDER PADS!! Fashion crime lol x

  2. This has really made me smile! What a lovely post, sounds like a perfect day to me =D i’m very impressed that you made your own dress! Lovely photos and memories xx

  3. Happy belated anniversary Stella and Mr Branch ๐Ÿ™‚ You looked beautiful in your dress. What a lovely job you made of it. We also married on a budget but a lot of people told us it was the best wedding day they had been to in a while as it was so relaxed ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t change anything about it xx

  4. wow Stella your dress looks amazing considering you made it yourself – very 80’s but that was the fashion!! and i must admit as i\ was reading your post, i was thinking that it sounded a bit like a comedy film like 4 wedding and a funeral or someting lol
    happy 28 years of married bliss x x

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