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Me and Remembering Michael

Michael was my uncle. He was born to my Nan at the age of 43, 18 months after I was born to her eldest daughter. We were brought up together for quite a while. He was a beautiful boy and I don’t suppose any of us cared that he was what was termed at the time as a “half-caste” His Dad was Indian and my Nan had fallen hook, line and sinker for him. I don’t remember him being around.
Michael was the golden boy, loved by all his brothers and sisters and all of the nieces and nephews who were born into the family in the following years. My Nan totally adored him, even though he was a bit of a rascal.
Today would have been his birthday. But he’s not here. After months of headaches, he finally died of a brain tumour the day before his 30th birthday, leaving a wife with 3 very young children. It happened so quickly. I’d only just got the phone call to say he was in the hospital and within hours he was gone. I heard later that he had asked for me…I really don’t know whether that was true. His wife said she wanted us to wear bright colours at the Funeral and we did. I don’t think my Nan ever really got over the loss.

And neither have I.
This picture was taken one Christmas when I was about 21 I think. I absolutely love it.

I miss you Michael. Happy Birthday.



10 thoughts on “Me and Remembering Michael

  1. I’ve got a big lump in my throat, Stella. 😦
    So sorry to read that you lost him at such a young age!
    The picture of you both is so lovely – such smiles!!
    One to treasure! x

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