Me and my Brush with The Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Last week we had a lovely break in Yorkshire. We haven’t been up there for a while and we had a week booked off for the boys’ birthdays and we have family (hubby’s) up there so thought it would be nice to go. I booked us a cottage with a hot tub which went down very well with my family. This is it

It was idyllic with a river for my Hubby to drink his morning cuppa next to.

On the Thursday, which was my son’s actual birthday, we thought we would go for a proper drive to see some beautiful views of The Dales and check out some of the route that the Tour De France had taken.
This is The Ribblesdale Viaduct


When we got to Aysgarth we took the road back towards Kettlewell. As we were driving along, 2 motorcyclists went past and we commented to each other on what a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride it was and what a good road.

A few minutes later at the top of the hill we came across one of the guys in the road standing with the 2 bikes. The other guy was lying in a pile of rubble that had been a dry stone wall. His Helmet had a big ding in it and he did not look the least bit comfortable. We pulled over – what else could we do? My hubby is a biker so there was no doubt we had to stop. None of our phones had a signal to call for an ambulance. We discovered that the bikers didn’t even know each other – they’d just happened to take the same route. The first biker had seen the other’s flip over and just stopped to see what he could do, if anything.

The injured guy was conscious and we decided that we would stay with him and set my kids to direct the traffic so no one else got hurt, and the first biker went back to a nearby pub to call for help. We made the second guy as comfortable as we could, using a towel under his neck, undoing the chinstrap of his helmet and just chatting to make sure he knew he wasn’t on his own and what was happening.

Within about 10 minutes a Motorcycle Paramedic arrived, and quickly established that he had definitely broken both bones in his leg. And then 5 minutes later along came the Air Ambulance helicopter. It was amazing and scary all at the same time.

The Police also arrived about the same time. Once all the formalities had been dealt with we carried on our way. My poor son never did get his birthday cake, but he won’t forget that birthday in a hurry!

Footnote: We spoke to the injured guy’s girlfriend on the Saturday on she said that not only had he badly broken his Tibia and Fibula, but his back had been broken too, although thankfully not his spinal cord. I’m just glad we were able to help in some small way to help get him taken to the hospital safely.


11 thoughts on “Me and my Brush with The Yorkshire Air Ambulance

  1. Oh what a birthday for your son! But how wonderful that you not only stopped but stayed to assist the chap and played a part in ensuring the unfortunate biker got the treatment he needed, I hope he makes a full recovery.
    Shocking how many folk “turn a blind eye”

    1. Thanks. I was also surprised how thoughtless some other motorists were when my kids were trying to direct the traffic past the accident. I hope we will find out how he progresses.

  2. Good on you for stopping and doing your Florence Nightingale bit…there are many who wouldn’t.
    Could have been a lot worse for the guy. I hate motorbikes for that reason. X

    1. I know, but my Hubby rides one every day…he hates the train commute. I’ve learned to live with it, and it makes him so happy to be riding a motorcycle. It could be worse…he could watch football all the time!

      1. True..
        I also made the mistake of getting on a bike with my niece’s psychotic boyfriend…I thought my life was over lol
        My bum left the seat every time he braked. :/
        Love the smell of bike oil though. X

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