Me and laziness

Since Christmas I  haven’t blogged. I haven’t baked much. I did finish a knitting project that I started last Summer. I haven’t got my sewing machine out. I haven’t read a book. I have been to the cinema a couple of times. I don’t really like housework, so I do as little as I can get away with.

I am a person who can just slob on the sofa for hours and I don’t think the weather helps my mood. I don’t have little children who I have to run around after and they’re big enough to feed themselves so I don’t have to cook every day.

Is it just me being lazy, or something deeper? Am I likely to start meeting a grey puppy? Hopefully the weather will get more Spring like and inspire me to get up off my ample derrière and do something.

Here’s hoping.


2 thoughts on “Me and laziness

  1. I think winter has this effect on most of us, Stella. My mojo definitely went on a holiday for a while but as soon as I see a hint of spring, I start thinking of my garden, well, yard and that makes me think of Titchmarsh and it cheers me up.
    I’m sure you’ll be back to your creative self before long. X

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