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Me and My First Concert


I dont often take take much notice of this type of thing on Facebook, but this caught my eye and made me smile.

My first concert was The Bay City Rollers at Lewisham Odeon in 1975. I was 15.

A group of us who were avid fans decided we would go together. It was over an hour on the bus from where we met up to the venue. We all had the gear…short, wide trousers with tartan down the side and round the bottom. Stripy socks, clumpy shoes, braces and big hair! Thinking about it now we must have looked like a right bunch of nitwits, but we didn’t care! The atmosphere was palpable as we took over the back of the top deck of the double decker. Other fans boarded the bus and joined us as we got closer to the venue all so excited and wearing the uniform.

Of course the audience was pretty much all teenage girls and I do remember that when we weren’t singing, we were screaming…a lot! I’m sure I remember having no voice for several days afterwards. It is funny to look at their picture now because we were all in love with at least one of them…and they really aren’t that attractive! But they were a proper pop band with a Saturday night show and tunes you could sing along to. And your Mums didn’t mind them because they seemed innocuous – unlike some 70s bands who have been found to have less appealing traits. It’s possible that my love affair with a Scottish accent started with them too…it sounded sort of exotic to a teenager from South London.

Looking back I think it was probably a great start to my concert-going because I loved the feeling of being part of a gang all there for the same reason. I’m not sure I’d go and see them now, but it is a fab memory.

The objects of our affections. Derek, Eric, Alan, Les and Woody
The objects of our affections.
Derek, Eric, Alan, Les and Woody

What about you? Who was your first concert?


5 thoughts on “Me and My First Concert

    The Rollers were the Duran Duran of your day, Stella, so I can totally understand how excited you must have been. Only difference is, DD were fit. πŸ˜‰
    A wonderful memory…shame there isn’t an embarrassing picture of you in your platforms to go with it. πŸ˜‰ X

  2. Oh my stars I am SO jealous! I had the most uncool parents on the planet, so they tolerated my pop obsessions, but I do wish they’d have been the kind to take lil ole me to a concert or two. Lewisham was just a bus ride away *sobs a bit*

    I did so adore Les, what was I on?
    Tracy, hush your mouth, those trousers were the epitome of cool! My best pal Angela had a mum who made her a pair. I was green with envy.

    Fab post Stella πŸ™‚

    1. I went on to see David Essex several times, and George Benson, and Mum and I went to see Barry Manilow together a few times.
      The first I took my daughter to see S-Club 7 and then Avril Lavigne…It makes nice memories. My Hubby went to see Madness with our son as his first concert. I’ve just booked tickets to go to a concert with my son…modern classical piano – gotta love live music!

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