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Black Forest Bundt

Some flavour combinations are just made in heaven. Chocolate and cherries are one. Back in the Seventies you couldn’t have a party without a Black Forest Gateau being on the menu so it got a bit of a cliche and sort of fell out of favour. To be honest, it was always a bit too much for me.

However, recently I have come across 2 products that just cried out to be used for a cake…and I also had a new Nordic Ware cake tin that my daughter brought me back from the USA on her recent trip, so I thought Easter was the perfect excuse to give it a go.

As always I started with This is fool proof. It is also in the Clandestine Cake cookery book, which is a great book for home bakers as all the recipes are by home bakers.

My yogurt of choice is usually Yeo Valley and they have brought out a special Black Cherry edition, so I substituted the vanilla for that into the mixture. It smelled divine!  

When I filled the tin I poured about 2/3 of the mixture in and then put a row of black cherries from a jar I bought at Lidl in then filled it with the rest of the mixture.

An hour in the oven, then I leave it to cool in the oven for 15 minutes or so with the oven off, then take it out to cool completely before I turned it out.

I was pretty happy with the result!

Another product that has come on my radar is the flavoured sugars and cocoas from Sugar and Crumbs. They have a Cocoa flavoured with cherry, so I thought that would be good to add into my icing, which was the rest of the yogurt I had left in the pot from the recipe, some icing sugar and a Tbsp of the cocoa. It is very rich, so you don’t need a lot.   if youd like a more chocolatey cake, you could put a few spoonfuls of the cocoa into the cake.

I then smothered the Chocolate Cherry icing all over the cake and decorated with the Glacé Black Cherries. I am very much looking forward to having a slice later!

I bought everything myself, so have no affiliation with any products mentioned.

However you are celebrating, Happy Easter!


3 thoughts on “Black Forest Bundt

  1. Great way to modernise the black forest gateau and I love the shape of that tin. I need to start my own bundt collection.

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