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Me and my Husband’s other love – Part 2

A while ago I wrote about my husband’s other love Penelope.

When she arrived on the scene I hardly saw him, there was always something about her to keep him busy. But he’d been having quite a lot of pain and more and more trouble in his hands and shoulders and it was making him quite unable to do some of the fine tuning. So about a year ago he went to the Doctor’s to discover that he had Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in both hands and that he would need surgery to sort the problems out.

We are quite fortunate that he has private healthcare through work, so was able to schedule his ops to fit in with his work, so he had one done in May and the other in September. This did however mean that he couldn’t drive or do any of the work he wanted to on Penelope for 6 months or more, and it had also come to his realisation that as he and I are both fairly broad about the beam, and as Penelope was quite narrow, it would have been somewhat of a squeeze to fit the two of us in comfortably. So it was with a heavy heart he decided that Penelope must go. A very nice man came and bought her and we waved goodbye a little sadly.

Now, Hubby is a man who needs a project so he started to look around for something that might not need quite as much work, but just enough fettling to keep him busy. Since I have known him he has hankered – nay, lusted- after an AC Cobra, and he saw one listed so we went and had a look and a test drive. It was a beautiful thing. Red, shiny…and tiny. Hubby’s knees were against the dashboard and when I got in the passenger side I felt like I was laying in one of those mummy sleeping bags! Disappointed, he had to admit that this was not the car for him.

A little more searching and another car appeared on the horizon. My Brother-in-law lived close to where it was and went to have a look and said it was a very nice car. Phone calls were made, as were decisions and the weekend before Christmas Hubby went and got him.

Meet Trevor…the TR6

Hubby was grinning from ear to ear all over Christmas (and ever since) and there has been enough to keep him occupied for a few months and on Sunday we went for our first proper drive with the top down and the sunglasses on. I felt like Grace Kelly and will need to get some headscarves to keep my hair out of my eyes. We drove down to Tunbridge Wells and sat in the sunshine with a cream tea. I hope next time we might go to the seaside.

It’s much more practical as a project as it was drivable and hasn’t needed lots of work, and he’s entered it to display in our local car pageant in June.

I must admit…Trevor may well become my other love if the weather stays lovely.


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