Me and Politics

so it’s the General Election tomorrow, and don’t we all know about it! Seems like they’ve been blathering on about it since the last one! I’m not a very “political” person. I like a discussion and watch Question Time to see how individual MPs come across when put on the spot. I always go and vote, but 24 hour rolling “news” about who’s saying what and who’s slagging who off is just making things worse in my opinion. The problem as I see it is that most of us are pretty much in agreement that the NHS, Education and Pensions are probably the things that are most on our agenda as we all need those services. Of course there is immigration, employment and housing which we all need to keep an eye on too. 

Now, any party in their right mind would want to please most of the electorate most of the time, so they cannot go too far right or left in their policies as they will immediately lose followers. That’s why the Conservatives and Labour are pretty equal. Nobody wants to really rock the boat so there’s not much to choose between them.

Another thing to take into account is personalities. The head of each Party is the one that gets all the publicity, and if you don’t like something about one of them, it would probably make you less likely to vote for them, policies or not! It probably doesn’t help when to programmes send everyone up and make them all look like nitwits – although some of them don’t seem to need any help with that! 

I tend to look at my local candidates, and what they offer my community, not really worrying about the bigger picture I suppose. 

How you decide depends on a lot of factors. Where you live, what your situation is, and even how you were brought up in some cases. My main point is that we get the Parliament we vote for, so please go and vote. As women, we have had to fight for this privilege and in many parts of the world women still do not have it.

Whatever your view…GO AND VOTE!


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