Me and Driving

I have a confession to make.

I don’t drive.

I know…in this day and age that’s really quite shocking. But notice I said I DONT drive, not I Can’t.

My Mum never drove until I was a teenager, so I guess it wasn’t that big a deal to me. being in the suburbs there is great public transport. I had a moped for about a year when my weekend job was a little further away. It cost me 50p to fill it up and did about 120 miles on a tankful. I did have some driving lessons and one test when I was about 20, but I remember my instructor was a guy whose car always smelled like an ashtray and then I failed my test.

I had more lessons and more tests. I could drive perfectly well, but got incredibly nervous come test time. I drove to the coast, around the Lake District in my Hubby’s car, and didn’t have a problem. But there’s only so much money you can keep throwing at something and we needed a house. So I stopped.

I know it drives my hubby bonkers because it means he’s always the designated driver, and another reason that’s bad because I don’t drink either. I know, right.

But I can walk to our local Supermarket with my trusty trolley for most things I need every couple of days. We only do a big shop about every 3 weeks. Less waste. And my kids are train and bus savvy and not averse to walking either, which is something of a novelty for some children. The Cubs, Brownies and Swimming groups were all within walking distance too, except for occasional camping weekends which Hubby had to help with.  I don’t actually think it’s bad for a Dad to get involved with some of those after school activities. They’re parents too. The music lessons were a bus ride away and once the kids were in Senior School they could do those things alone – good for their self esteem too. 

My son has just passed his driving test, quite late at almost 23, and we got him a little car at the weekend. He’s not a drinker either, so maybe my hubby won’t have to do so much of the driving now. Except he’s just got himself a 40 yr old Sports Car that he wants to go driving around the countryside in. So I shall don my sunglasses and a headscarf and do my best Grace Kelly impressions.

Maybe one day I will take some more lessons and another test. Who knows?


4 thoughts on “Me and Driving

  1. Never say never, I say…though you have listed many positives of NOT driving! 😉
    I’ve been driving since I was 17, passed at 19 and it’s done me many favours over the years, especially when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. It meant that I could take him wherever he wanted to go in those last months..
    I took myself off the road from 2011 – 2014 this is because I was experiencing some major ‘brain fog’ courtesy of the menopause and I didn’t feel safe to drive. I love the independence that driving brings but I make sure I do a lot of walking as well.
    Congratulations on your son passing his test. 🙂 X

  2. You could always do an Audrey Hepburn “Galaxy” ad too and enjoy a big bar of chocolate from the back whilst hubby wears a chauffer’s hat!

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