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Home Is Where The Heart Is


was tagged in this by Claire and it made me think.

You see I have a weird thing about the word Home. 

Before I was 10, my family moved 12 times. So for me Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling. It’s about being with my family. Any or all of them. Doesn’t matter where we are physically. It isn’t a particular place. Even the house I’ve lived in with my Husband and children for 20 yrs is not my home, just the place we live. It’s convenient for commuting to London. I’d leave it tomorrow as long as I had my family with me. I have a very big family as my Mum was the eldest of 8 and once a year at least as many of us that can try and get together for a weekend. That’s home. My three sisters and their families live within half an hour of each other on the South Coast and keep saying we should move to be near them, and that sounds like a great idea to me. Maybe.

My Husband’s family originated in Yorkshire and he’d love to retire there. I always feel comfortable and happy when we spend time there, but we are usually visiting, so would it be different if we lived there? It’s certainly beautiful, and I’d definitely  consider it if I could have a plot big enough to build 2 pods for the kids to have one each for a place of their own, and another building for a music studio for them. As well as the main house with a triple garage for the Hubby. So not big dreams then. πŸ˜€ 

This is from our last visit last Summer…yeah, that is a pretty good view.

The only other place that has a piece of my heart is Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been friends with a family over there since before my 20th birthday. My children are friends with their children. In fact my daughter recently spent her 20th birthday with them. Thanks to social media, we get to see and speak to them pretty often and it’s wonderful. Arizona is such a beautiful place, but as its so hot in the Summer, I’m not sure I could actually live there!

The State Capitol in Phoenix – a little prettier than our local Town Hall.
I hope this post fulfils the brief. 


4 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart Is

    1. We’ve been a few times – 4 times to Arizona because of our connections, and to California, New York and Florida. I am sure we shall return in the not too distant future…I miss my American family!

  1. I don’t get attached to the houses that I live in. I could quite happily move every few years. When we go away, I don’t miss my house, and usually feel deflated when we return. I still think of my parent’s house as home even though I last lived there when I was18! I would love to move to Cornwall, but I bet within a few years, I would be back on Rightmove! Oh dear…never satisfied!

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