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Me and 50 Things That Make Me Smile

a while ago Grethe over on asked me to join in with this and I totally forgot. 

So, here goes – in no particular order…

1. My Daughter playing guitar

2. My Son playing piano

3. Listening to Music

4. Watching Wimbledon

5. Spending time with my family

6. A nice cup of tea

7. Baking

8. The Sunshine

9. Being in Yorkshire

10. Borough Market

11. Wandering around London

12. Going to the Theatre

13. Live music

14. Seeing pictures of my friends children in Arizona

15. Walking barefoot on the beach

16. Going to the Pictures

17. Buying shoes

18. Reading

19. Sewing

20. Mexican Food

21. Embroidery

22. Italy

23. Strawberries

24. Pedicures

25. Glee

26. Roast Dinners

27. The Hakka

28. Strictly Come Dancing

29. British Bake Off

30. Sherlock

31. Dirty Dancing

32. Ginger Hair

33. A bubble bath

34. The English Countryside

35. Christmas

36. Having my hair done

37. Pistachio Ice Cream

38. Bill Bailey

39. Disneyland, Paris

40. Looking at old photos

41. Riding pillion on Hubby’s motorbike

42. Driving in Trevor the TR6 with the top down

43. My kids’ achievements

44. Going to the ballet

45. Peonies

46. Lilies

47. Costume Jewellery

48. Singing out loud

49. Dancing round my house

50. Colouring in.

Phew! I really had to think about that! Not as easy as I thought it would be.

Ok…who fancies a go?


4 thoughts on “Me and 50 Things That Make Me Smile

  1. A beautiful list, Stella.
    I look through my box of old photographs at least once a year and Yorkshire is probably my favourite place to visit…Home of Last of the Summerwine and Alan Titchmarsh, what’s not to love? 😉

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