Me and Trevor Eve

I’ve been watching a TV programme over the past few weeks where Trevor Eve is playing the Head Baddie. It’s quite a change from the type of characters he usually plays. I’ve followed his career since the beginning and here is why.

He first came to my attention as Eddie Shoestring in the late 70s. He became quite the heartthrob, even in a dishevelled suit. He had a sexy smile, and a laid back manner. He played that role for a couple of years.

After that he decided to take a stage role in Children Of A Lesser God, an interesting play about a deaf woman who is working in a School for the Deaf as a cleaner because she will not speak, preferring to sign. She meets a Teacher who is hearing but teaches Deaf children. These parts were played by Marlee Matlin and Trevor Eve. Some friends and I decided we wanted to see it just before it closed. It was amazing! Trevor Eve had to sign his lines while saying them out loud and say her signed lines to the audience. It was such a physical performance from them both. So much anger and pathos all thrown in the mix…we were exhausted just watching! When it was over, we decided that we would take a punt and wait at the Stage Door…well, why wouldn’t we? When he did come out, he could not have been any nicer! Firstly I don’t think I had realised just how tall and broad he actually is, he could have been quite intimidating to teenage girls! But he stood and chatted with us for at least 15 minutes, asking what we thought of the play, signing our programmes and telling us how he was planning a skiing holiday with his family when the run ended – all the time smiling and laughing with us – just an absolute Darling! He asked if we had an address so that he could get his fan club to send us some bits and pieces. We didn’t think it would happen, but it was a nice gesture. It left us absolutely buzzing!

Sure enough, about 6 weeks later a brown envelope arrived with some photos and odds and ends. Such a positive thing to happen, and showed that he did care about his public.

Since then I’ve watched everything he has been in. When he was in Waking The Dead there was a character called Stella in the later Series, and it always felt odd when he said her name…made me go a little unnecessary!  He doesn’t always play likeable characters, usually quite flawed but in this latest role he’s played an absolute b**stard – and very well!

I’d say he’s definitely on my List – I’m sure you know what I mean – and as I’ve been a fan for over 30 years, that’s a pretty long relationship! If he’d been horrible when we met him maybe it would’ve been a different story! It’s so nice to meet someone you admire and not be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Me and Trevor Eve

  1. Shoestring! I adored that programme. How very heartening to know Trevor is a lovely guy, always makes me happy to know an actor realises they are where they are because of their public 🙂

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