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Me, My Daughter P and Fashion

Since my daughter was old enough to choose for herself what she wanted to wear, there has been no hint of pink, or sparkles. She’s always been a Skater Girl, wearing trainers and board shorts and t-shirts that show what bands she likes. She has see-through blonde hair that was always in bunches so that she could ride her bike and skateboard. As she transitioned into a teen, her uniform became black skinny jeans, Converse and hoodies, and the t-shirts still had bands on or variations of skulls and it stayed nearly the same all through her 3 years at college. She has taught herself to play the guitar which adds to the whole way she sees herself. She had her hair cut into a layered style as worn my her favourite singer – Hayley Williams from Paramore. It got to the point that I wasn’t actually sure whether she even had legs! If we go to an event it is really difficult to get her to dress up – even if she does wear a dress with heels of some sort they soon get changed for her Converse and the hoodie goes on over the dress as soon as she feels she can get away with it. She has a very young look compared to some of the girls you see that are her age with the fake nails and eyelashes and their boobs and legs out. And that’s fine, she is who she is.

Playing guitar
Playing guitar
Her Prom was a bit of a nightmare. Where other girls were planning months in advance she wasn’t really interested at all, not even sure whether she would attend. but as she was a Prefect, it seemed as though she should show her face. I tried to glean any information as to the sort of thing she might wear, pointing out different styles as we walked round, but usually I just got shrugged at or just looked at as if I was bonkers and given a firm “NO!” As it was I went out shopping with my Sister-In-Law and she pointed out a dress in the Coast sale that we both though was very much Ps taste, so I took a punt and bought it without P even seeing it! When I got home, I explained that if she didn’t like it, it wasn’t a problem, I’d just sell it on, but she tried it on, it fit perfectly and she said “It’s alright” (high praise indeed) and that was that. Of course she looked amazing even if she did only stay for a couple of hours.

Prom Night
However, this year she turned 20 and suddenly she isn’t a teenager any more, and she wants to look as if she’s 20. She’s been watching a show called Pretty Little Liars and she’s seeing all the sorts of clothes and outfits they wear and seeing how she can transition her look into being a Rock Chick without compromising her sense of style. There has been a leather jacket bought to replace the hoodie, and she bought some short black boots and her latest style purchase was a pair of purple Dr Marten shoes. She bought a couple of skirts and dresses and a pair of red wedge shoes. She’s trying different accessories – even takes a handbag out with her now! That’s a huge deal! She’s trying out some make-up ideas using YouTube as a guide. She’s bought nail polish!

I think it is as much to do with confidence as anything else, but to be honest I’m happy that she stayed looking and dressing young if that’s what she wanted. I try and tell her that she should be happy with who she is and wear what she likes – although, I must admit, I do get fed up with her wearing black and white almost all of the time – but hey-ho…that’s who she is.

My Girl
My Girl

N.B. I got her permission to post this and approval on which photos I could use for this post. She giggled because it’s all true!


6 thoughts on “Me, My Daughter P and Fashion

  1. She’s beautiful. My daughter (7years old) has a very distinct sense of style too. Although hers is the opposite to your daughter’s. She is always in dresses and I can hardly get her in a pair of jeans (if it’s cold for instance). Although she looks girly, she’s actually quite a tomboy. I hope that she will keep hold of her personal style for as long as she can. Very much like your (not so) Little Lady x

  2. You have a very beautiful daughter who wanted to be herself rather than conform to the usual teenage girl look. Good for her! My boys couldn’t care less what they wore. Clothes were just a necessity and as far as they were concerned it didn’t matter if things were clean orif socks matched. Funny though how they reach an age and suddenly they decide that clothing and looking good matters. its all part of the maturing process I suppose! xx

    1. It’s strange because my son has always loved colours and his favourite shirts are Paisley – the more colours the better! He never wears trainers and almost always wears a Bow tie and a jacket.

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