Me and the Liebster Awards

I am mostly clueless when it comes to this blogging stuff. I know I have a handful of lovely people who read my nonsense but I really don’t think I could make a living out of it, nor would I want to.

A while ago the lovely Tracy over at MummyShambles nominated me for the Liebster Award, which as far as I can make out is for bloggers nominating other bloggers with less than 200 followers (well der!) who they think would appeal to a wider audience. For that I thank her.


I thought that I’d answer the questions she set, even if just as excuse to write a new blogpost.

So…Here goes

1. Why did you start a blog? It was something I’d toyed with for a while. Putting thoughts down on (virtual) paper, voicing my opinion, sharing recipes.  It was a New Years Resolution thing.

2. What is your favourite quote of all time? The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return. From Nature Boy by Eden Ahbez.

3. Has anybody ever told you that you look like a celebrity? If so, who? (who do you look like, not who told you, obvs) Not really, although my brother – bless him – always says that whenever he sees Twiggy on the telly he thinks of me. I’ll happily take that.

4. What is your favourite post that you’ve written? (provide link) I think my brush with fame…Me and Stardom – Almost

5. Name five people, alive or dead, that you’d like to meet. Tim Minchin (Comedian), Meryl Streep (Actress), Joanne Harris (Author), Marie Curie (Scientist), and Gershwin (Composer)

6. Do you believe in ghosts? Not the Halloween white sheet type, or the scary skull type. But I do think that sometimes when you are deciding on something and you get that “I wonder what my Mum would have said” that its like a whisper in your ear that they could be guiding you.

7. If you were a character from a movie, who would you be? Scarlett O’Hara. Hands down my favourite woman in literature. I first read Gone With The Wind when I was 15 and loved that she wasn’t afraid to use her womanly wiles to get exactly what she wanted.

8. What book would you want to be stranded on a desert island with? Gone With The Wind – see last question.

9. Name your guilty celebrity crush. Tim Minchin. Funny, rude, clever, musical, redheaded

10. Happiness is….Listening to my kids playing their instruments whilst drinking a nice cup of tea.

And that’s it. There are all kinds of ‘rules’ about Liebster floating about but to keep it simple you..

1. Thank whoever nominated you and link back to them. Tick

2.  Swipe the Liebster image from their site and paste it onto yours. Tick

3. Answer their probing questions as honestly or dishonestly as you see fit. Tick

4. Choose people to nominate (should be blogs with followers of less then 200) – How about A Fifty Something Me if she fancies it!

5. Ask them some probing questions – I’ll keep it to the same questions I’ve answered.

6. When your post is done, leave them a message on their blog (or Twitter) to let them know they’ve been nominated.

Right! I think I’m done!


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