Me and my Bias Binding Maker 

I think it was last year, on the British Sewing Bee, that I became aware of a gadget that means you can make your own bias binding. This means you can make binding out of any fabric by cutting it into strips and running it through the machine that sort of irons it into shape. “This is a great idea” thought I, so I put it on my Christmas list, and Hubby did the right thing and purchased it for me. And of course I have never taken it out of the box! Standard…I just haven’t made anything.

 However, this morning my friend turned up on my doorstep and asked if she could use it, so we got it out of the box and gave it a go. There were a few hiccups where she had (correctly) sewn the strips together on the diagonal but had not snipped off the corners but nothing that couldn’t be remedied. 

I was quite impressed with it actually. It wasn’t a super expensive gadget, although you do need to buy a few extra heads to make different widths of binding, and now I’ve given it a go, I’m sure I will use it more often.

Now, where did I put that apron I embroidered last year…I need to put some pretty binding around the edges, don’t I?  



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