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Me and the Square Bundt Pan

A little while ago my Bundt-loving friends on Twitter were all buzzing about a new Nordicware pan that was a little different from the norm…it was square! Here’s a link to show you what it looks like

I know a few of my friends had to have it immediately, and within a short time it became quite clear that there was a problem. For a square cake you need a square cakestand and they are very hard to come by! I decided that I would hold off buying one for a while as someone in my family would be visiting the USA and said she would bring me one home with her (and that would be much cheaper) – and see whether I could find a suitable square plate or stand in the meantime.

Then I had a thought…my Twitter buddy Amanda over at does wood turning as a hobby…might it be possible to make one? It would be a bit different to glass or ceramic but I  really didn’t know how difficult it might be to make so I asked her, showed her some ideas and she said she’d have a think. A couple of weeks ago she said she was giving it a go and this week she posted a couple of pictures on Instagram to show me how it was coming along…so exciting!

And then she asked for my address and posted it to me. It arrived this morning and included one of her beautiful pens that she makes and a list of care instructions. I liked the “Don’t get it wet” – I hadn’t realised it was a Gremlin! 😀 I shall lovingly apply linseed oil, I promise.

The detail on it is beautiful…what a clever and talented woman she is.

My sister has already told me she wants one, so I may be asking for another for Christmas!

I really do need to get that Square Pan now, don’t I? Although, to be fair, a classic circular Bundt or any other cake will look just as good on it.


2 thoughts on “Me and the Square Bundt Pan

  1. Wow what a gorgeous stand! No excuses now… that pan is calling your name 😊 Can’t wait to see your bake fisplayed on that stand. It will be beautiful xx

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