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Me, Halloween Costumes and the Glass Half Full

I consider myself to be one of those glass half full sort of people. I try and find the positive in as much as I can. But that can be fairly difficult with all the negativity that emenates from the news and social media. So much sadness all over the world. 

Sometimes though things make me cross because I think they’ve been over dramatised. Halloween is approaching and the whole thing about kids dressing up clothes being too flammable has been being discussed especially since the accident last year of a TV presenter’s daughter. But we all wear clothes every day that are not treated, and I have made my kids Halloween costumes for most of their lives, and flammability has never crossed my mind. So I must be a terrible Mother, mustn’t I? Making things so my kids can have a bit of fun. How could I?

I know that there are more candles around at this time of year, although nowadays I would imagine that most parents use fake led ones if they know that little ones are likely to be knocking at the door.

So unless everyone wants to wear fireproof overalls like Lewis Hamilton all the time, I think we all need to just chill a bit. Kids dress up all year round and I think the reason there has been this interest is because actually it is so rare that these accidents happen that it becomes big news when they do. We need to keep safe, yes…but I don’t think parents will stop buying outfits because of the label. 

I really hope everyone enjoys the dressing up spookiness of Halloween without getting into a complete stew over the costumes.


2 thoughts on “Me, Halloween Costumes and the Glass Half Full

  1. I feel the same way as you regards the news so I try to balance things up a bit by reading the Dailygood website. It’s tagline reads ‘News that inspires’. Try it. 😉
    The costume thing, as you said, accidents do happen but they are rare. it’s like anything else, use your common sense but have fun (like we did before health & safety went ott)

  2. I have the same attitude as you. People are made to be frightened of everything these days, its not a healthy way to live (says the woman with chronic anxiety, I do see the irony of my statement there) Xx

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