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Me and the replacement Engagement Ring

Since our 25th Wedding Anniversary, my Hubby has been desperately trying to buy me a lovely engagement ring. Don’t get me wrong, I loved everything about my original. Unbeknownst to me, a few weeks before we were off on holiday to Arizona he had told my Mum that he was planning to ask me to marry him and to get her blessing. She adored him, so that was never going to be an issue. He asked me to marry him on the plane over and while we were there we went off to a local shop and bought a sweet ruby and diamond chip ring that cost the grand total of $99. Considering that we had no money as I lived in digs and he still lived with his Mum and Dad, I had no need of a big expensive gesture so it was perfect that we chose it together. We had our Engagement Dinner in a place called Organstop Pizza in Phoenix with the couple that we were staying with and it was a brilliant evening and still a memory I treasure.


This is our unofficial engagement picture from that holiday at The Grand Canyon.

Obviously over the years, there has always been many things to spend our money on. A wedding, a home, children, transport –  all things that are more necessity than frivolous. My little ring lost a few stones and now is just a sentimental reminder.

As it will be our 30th (How can that be, surely I’m only 28 ?) Anniversary this year, he has told me that I can and should choose something that befits that achievement. He wouldn’t go and buy something without me being there because he “Wouldn’t know what to choose” I’ve been having a look and what gets me most is how expensive they all are. The couple that have caught my eye are twice as much as we bought our first 3 piece suite for! And there’s so much choice! Suppose I go off it in a few years?

imageI’ve been sporting this set I bought from Marks and Spencers that cost me £24 and they look lovely, and in my head I’m not sure I can justify spending so much money on something that’s just on my finger. I do deserve it though, don’t I? We’ve done all we need to do to the house, our kids are grown and I usually ask for things for the kitchen as presents.

I’ll keep looking…

Now, where did I put that brochure?



3 thoughts on “Me and the replacement Engagement Ring

  1. What a lovely story! I’ve never been into buying expensive rings. It’s the sentiment that matters to me… I LOVE that picture of you and your husband. I hope you have many more happy years together. X

  2. You do deserve it 😊 I get why you are hesitant to spend a lot on a ring though … but I also understand why your husband wants to spoil you with something utterly impractical and silly expensive..because that’s silly and impractical love. Xx

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