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Me and the BBBakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

A little while before Christmas some of my baking tweeps decided that it would be nice to have a meet up to chat about all things cake. One of the ladies suggested that an Afternoon Tea might be fun, then the BB Bakery Bus Tour was suggested. I had seen this on The One Show…a proper double-decker red bus that had been converted to a tea room. It sounded lovely, a date was set, and payment made and then we just had to wait for the day to come.

So on a Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago, we were all to meet up at Victoria Coach Station half an hour before the tour was due to start. Now, I had met only one of the people in person out of the 12 who were due to meet up although I have “chatted” to almost all the others. Some tweeps don’t even have a picture of themselves on their Twitter profile! It could have been a bit nerve-wracking! 

One of the other ladies only lives a little way from me so we arranged to go up to Victoria on the train together. I don’t know about her, but I felt completely at ease immediately, and we chatted away on the train like we had known each other for ages. As people joined the group some were recognisable from their pictures, some knew each other from having met before, and we all just introduced ourselves. It was actually all very easy.

We were lucky enough to have a group that meant we had the whole of the downstairs to ourselves and the tables were already set ready for our arrival.

We settled down, and the Bus set off. Our drinks orders were taken and delivered to us. The route took in a lot of London sights, The Albert Hall, Hyde Park, Harrods, then on to Piccadilly, and the Houses of Parliament and our lovely cheeky French waiter was regaling us with all sorts of knowledge that he thought we should know. To be fair, as a Londoner born and bred it was a bit coals to Newcastle, but that didn’t really matter. We all said that if you were a real Tourist this would be a lovely way of ticking quite a few boxes. Red bus, Afternoon Tea and a London Tour! 


The food itself was delicious. There were 5 different savoury choices including finger sandwiches, and quiches; freshly cooked scones and the pastries. Ahh, the pastries. There was a lot of oohing and ahh ing as everyone was trying the different bite-sized choices. We were discussing whether anyone had tried making any of the  different things. My absolute favourite was the tiny Lemon Meringue tart…or maybe the custard filled Choux bun…or possibly the shortbread with the raspberry on the top. No, I can’t really decide.

The only thing that was a bit sad was that, as we were on a bus we didn’t get a cup and saucer, but they did give us a travel cup to keep, and a pretty box as a doggy bag to take those things that we didn’t eat home.


The tour lasted just under 2 hours, and it did seem to go by quite quickly. We were all having a nice chat and the only problem was that we couldn’t really get up and mingle, but we all agreed that it had been a lovely thing to do and that we needed to arrange another meet up before too long.

The last thing we did was get a photograph of us all outside the bus…and that waiter had to get in on that too!


If anyone fancies going on this, you’ll find them on and apparently there is a Salon de The  in Covent Garden too if you can’t get a place on the bus!

I’m writing this review from my own perspective, We paid for it out of our own pockets!

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17 thoughts on “Me and the BBBakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

  1. What a fabulous idea. Meeting new friends, having a scrumptious tea and getting to see the London sights on a red bus. Perfect. I bet you can’t wait to meet up again.

  2. I’ve never heard of the Bakery Bus tours! Would love to do this one. I have family visiting soon and this I’m sure they will also love to do 🙂 #happydiaries

  3. Glad you had fun! I actually work nearby the BB Bakery itself and am always amazed at how busy it is and how many tourists stop and take photos outside. Must give it a try after reading this! #HappyDiaries

  4. Oh how fun! This is such a fab idea – a bus tour and afternoon tea in one. Your server looks so entertaining. That’s awesome the food was lovely. I hope to meet my virtual blogger buddies someday soon – it’d be great to put faces with names! #happydiaries x

  5. Ohh this sounds like a fantastic treat. I would have loved the afternoon tea and the tour (as long as I could sit on the bottom deck). Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx#happydiaries

  6. Sadly had to pull out of attending because of family commitments (in the end I think it was wise for me as it would have been an expensive trip with the train too) but I do feel I missed a good time. Lavinia will have been very pleased to know you enjoyed it that much.

  7. Oh I took my Mum on this last year and we loved it, the food was delicious and i loved seeing the sights while i enjoyed my food and tea. I would love to do this myself in devon (if i had the money and a bus!). Glad you enjoyed yourself x

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