Me and World Poetry Day

Poetry is sometimes seen as a bit highbrow and at O level I was made to study Keats and at 15 maybe that wasn’t the best thing. 

As a child of course there were Nursery Rhymes and Dr Seuss and the poetry of AA Milne which are lovely and silly and still make me smile.

Over the years I have found some poems that are used in films or tv programmes that just speak to me. Last year I finally got round to reading some Maya Angelou…amazing! And Jerusalem by Blake is wonderful, and not just because my maiden name was Blake!

One of the poems that I have grown to love is this one by e.e. cumming

I first heard it in the film In Her Shoes where it was quoted by Cameron Diaz’s character at the Wedding of her sister’s character. It has beautiful words and the main thing in the film is that her character is dyslexic and she has had to learn to read as an adult. It’s just so touching.

I love that they used it about siblings, not romantic love. I feel this way about my family, my sisters and brother, husband and children. 


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