Me and the April Blog A Day 1: 10 Facts About Me

I might not join in with all of these, but I’ll take my pick and see what I fancy.

So today’s blog is 10 facts about me

1: I am the eldest of 6 children and 30 grandchildren.

2: I moved home 10 times before I was 10. So even though I’ve lived in the same home now since I had my family, I’ve suffered from itchy feet!

3: I won a Miss Personality competition at our local youth club when I was 16. It was the first time I had a proper haircut at a salon as it was part of the prize.

4: I spent 3 months on a kibbutz in Israel before I met my Husband.

5: I am a big fan of musicals. On stage or on film.

6: I have at least 8 pairs of shoes still in boxes that I’ve never actually worn. Well possibly 12…

7: I am scared of heights. The trip to the top of the Empire State Building had to be done, but oh, boy!!

8: I got a B for my Russian at O level.

9: I have taken my driving test 5 times and decided driving is not for me.

10: I made my own Wedding Dress.

Oh, and as a bonus…I did a Parachute jump for charity. Never again, but glad I did it.

So, there you are. Are you any the wiser?

Thanks to Tracey for the idea.


3 thoughts on “Me and the April Blog A Day 1: 10 Facts About Me

  1. Russian? I didn’t even know that was an option in school, I bet that was quite difficult! Have you always been scared of heights? When I was younger I wanted to parachute out of an aeroplane but now I can’t even stand on the edge of a balcony!

    1. We had a teacher who arrived to teach English and said she’d do Russian too. I loved it! Oh…and I did a parachute jump – I might have to add that to my list! I don’t like it if I’m up high. The Grand Canyon was fine because I was standing on the land. At the top of a building that’s in the air…yuck!

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