Me and April Blog a Day 6: Piercings and Tattoos

So…piercings and tattoos. These days they seem to have been given a new name…Body Modifications.

When I was young mostly it was girls who got their ears pierced – just the once – to wear earrings. That’s all I have. The only people I knew who might have tattoos were sailors, soldiers and bikers. But then in the 70s came Punk Rock and piercings got to be more profligate. Noses, eyebrows, lips and many along the ear became more apparent. Then in the 80s the New Romantics joined in and many a young man began to sport one earring. And then during the Pop Punk era the stretchers became more visible. It seems that the bigger you can make the hole in your ear the better! Urgh! Not for me! And in the 90s I think girls started getting their belly buttons pierced possibly Britney Spears was the influence for that. If you have a good belly, it looks very nice.

I’m not sure when tattoos started to become more mainstream. Sometime mid 80s I remember my brother getting a tattoo “Made in England” round his belly button…my Mum though he was ridiculous! But not many of our friends had them. And possibly only the more Heavy Rock bands had proper sleeves of tattoos…

But suddenly it seemed that the girls started. The “Tramp Stamp” – a tattoo just above the bum – became the thing to get done in The 90s possibly because some pop star was papped with one in some Celebrity magazine and girls went “Ooh!” And now boys and girls almost all have them. They’re everywhere you look. Wrists, ankles, behind ears, shoulders, ribs. It would appear that they’ve become either a Right of Passage or the result of a drunken holiday in the Balearics somewhere. 

That’s not to say I have anything against them. I’ve seen many that are beautiful works of art. My Daughter has a smallish one on her wrist that is pertinent to her. But…I do wonder whether all of these people will regret what they end up with. And indeed you only have to watch Katie Piper’s TV programme or Tattoo Fixers (guilty pleasures of mine, both!) to see that not all of them are a success. I’m also surprised at how much people will pay especially when they have ones that they can’t even see themselves. I also understand that once you start it can become quite difficult to stop.

Still, each to their own. If I did consider having a tattoo I suppose it would be something to do with Stars given my name, but I feel that Rihanna has that particular symbol well and truly covered…so I shan’t bother. 




5 thoughts on “Me and April Blog a Day 6: Piercings and Tattoos

  1. I suppose you could say mine is a kind of ‘tramp stamp’ lol as it’s on the small of my back but the only reason I had it there is because I never wanted it to be on show. It was for me and I don’t regret it 15 years later. My little butterfly is symbolic of what was happening in my life at that time and it applies today and always will. I really don’t like to see tattoos all over the place, especially naff ones but as you say, each to their own. 🙂

  2. I got my only tattoo years ago and have wanted more since but I do think people choose random things for the sake of getting a tattoo and I don’t want to end up with something I will regret later so it’s a hard decision!

  3. No tats, but I did used to have my belly button pierced but then I used to be a size 6, have rock hard abs and a penchant for clubbing! Had to take it out when I was having twins and it never went back in… probably just as well – it’d be horrifying on me now!

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