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Me and Positivity

I am quite a positive person. I try not to let the worries of the World get to me – which is not always an easy thing.

But this past couple of  months have been shocking. So much negativity when you put on the tv. Nothing to take our minds off the atrocious things that are happening in the World – displaced people, people trying to escape dreadful situations, drowning families, camps of refugees, politicians and heads of sporting excellence behaving like complete nincompoops. Not enough money for schools and hospitals. This instills a feeling of dread in most of us and brings out the worst in a few. I don’t think 24 hr rolling news helps.

Is is sad that the best thing that came out of a Politicians untimely murder was that just for a few hours it brought a lot of us together? And that because of the few who decided that the Brexit vote meant that they behaved badly to those that they deemed “Foreign” some of us decided to wear a Safety Pin on our clothing to say that we did not agree? 2 ideas that were a positive thing to come out of Social Media. I think the truth is that the majority of people know what is and isn’t acceptable and act accordingly. We cannot and must not let the idiots win.

When I look out of my windows the view I see is exactly the same as it has been for all the time I have lived in this house with my Family. Its not too bad a life . We shall get through this because intrinsically Humans are good…maybe that’s a  bit of a simplistic view, but I need to believe it.

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One thought on “Me and Positivity

  1. It’s certainly depressed me. So much hate and the amount of bile I’ve seen spewed out over social media… I kept turning it off. Horrible. We’re all linked as human beings but some people don’t understand the concept. They are the ones who operate from pure ego.

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