Me and The Olympics

 I love the Olympics. The colours, the drama, the opening and closing ceremonies. Countries you’ve barely heard of coming through and grabbing medals in obscure sports. The Superstars putting on a show and it not mattering whether they’re from your country or not. Lithe bodies in tiny swimsuits and leotards doing amazing twists and turns, somersaults and splits. You have to admire the amount of work and preparation these athletes put in. There have been times in the past when we’ve not really been a Nation that won a lot so we’ve tended to just watch and appreciate the sport.

In London in 2012 we did the Olympics proud, and there has been some criticism regarding how expensive it all is, and whether Rio could afford it. There have been lots of unsold tickets so empty seats which we didn’t have in London, but I don’t think that’s detracted from the Sport.

There’s been quite a lot of Political shenanigans too. Should the Russians have been completely banned after the Doping Scandal? Probably, if I’m honest.

And here’s the brilliant thing – Team GB have been sensational in Rio. As we are this small nation we have done really, really well, dominating in Rowing, Cycling and doing so well with our best Swimming medals ever. We’ve also won Gymnastic medals, and Diving and Sailing and Shooting and Equestrian. And Andy Murray retained his Gold Medal in the Tennis.

I’ve been watching so many different sports…I have to say that I’ve never been a horsey person, but I have loved the Dancing Horses – Dressage to give it its proper title. I also watched the Synchronised Swimming and although it is a bit bonkers they’re dancing, upside-down in a pool with noseclips for 4 minutes! Amazing stamina! I can’t even put my face in the water!

Watching the racing in the Velodrome has been fantastic. Every member of our Cycling Team have won a Medal…some more than 1. The Omnium is a weird thing to work out with many different elements -like a heptathlon for cyclists – but it’s given us some nail-biting, heart quickening moments…and Gold for both Men and Women’s with the Golden couple of Jason Kenny and Laura Trott…so emotional!

As of today, we are Second -SECOND!- in the Medal Table…wow! If it hadn’t been for that pesky American Michael Phelps in the pool, we might be at the top…but as Shrek might say “That’ll do Donkey, that’ll do” I’m extremely happy to be a Team GB Supporter from my sofa.


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