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Me and My Targets for 2017

I don’t really do resolutions and I know we are almost halfway through January, but I’ve decided I need to have some goals for this year to keep my head from turning to porridge! I’ve mostly chosen 12 of each – one for each month of the year, obviously!

1) Read – I’ve already set a target on Goodreads to read 12 books this year. Last year’s was a washout because I got stuck reading a Classic that I really didn’t like and just couldn’t get past it.

2) Craft – in honoured my newly finished Sewing Room I want to make 12 items this year. I already have 3 in mind, so that’s a good start.

3) Cook – I’m going to try 12 recipes from the many Foreign cookbooks I have that I’ve been meaning to make and never got round to. 

4) Bake – Again, one recipe each month for a technique/recipe that’s a bit out of my comfort zone to expand my knowledge.

5) Visit – There are so many places on this fab island of ours that I’ve never been to, so I’m hoping to choose 6 in the next year, hopefully to include Wales, Scotland and possibly even Ireland!

6) Skill – I really like those wavey, ripple crochet blankets – if I start to learn how to do that now it could possibly be my final craft item for the end of the year, right?

Addendum. I’ve been reminded that we have a piano in our dining room and I need to restart learning how to play it!

So that’s it. I’ll try and update my progress at the end of each month, so that’s 12 blogposts sorted out too! 


8 thoughts on “Me and My Targets for 2017

  1. Ilove the fact that you’ve catagorised your targets and that there isn’t one that says lose a shed load of weight. Often the one that is never acheived unless you are really, really determined and can honestly say no to cake! M book shelves have been filling up steadily since joining a book group, although it’s been a struggle to finish some. I’m currently reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and it’s hard going. Good luck with your list. x

    1. Yes sometimes the local places get a little forgotten! In the past year or so we’ve visited Winston Churchill’s house at Chartwell and the garden’s at Anne Boleyn’s home at Hever – both within 10 miles! I think Highclerc where they filmed Downton Abbey is a possible this year. I’ll drag the hubby there…no kids to please these days.

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