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Me and Shoes 

Hello, my name is Stella and I am a shoeaholic 

I am the eldest of 6 children and my mostly single Mum did her best to clothe and feed us. Shoe wise we had to mostly get by with school shoes, probably Start-Rite leather sandals, a pair of wellies for Winter and a pair of Jellies for Summer. I guess in some ways I was the lucky one as if I grew out of mine I got new shoes whilst the old ones were passed down. I do remember having to cut the front of the jellies if it was nearly back to school time and our feet had grown. If we were very lucky we would find some new treasure at a jumble sale, which we did frequent fairly regularly.

When I got my first proper job at the chip shop the Summer I was 14 I thought all my Christmases had come at once. I earned £1.80 a session and after giving my Mum my keep the rest was mine. I saved up for a record player but mostly bought shoes. In our local high street were many shoe shops. Who remembers Dolcis, Bata and Barratts? I would wander along the high street looking at the shoes in the windows and in the wire mesh baskets outside looking for a stylish bargain. I distinctly remember a pair of silver grey high heels with a small platform and a peep toe – they cost me £3 and cut my toes every time I wore them, but I didn’t care! My sister fell in love with them too and ran to get herself a pair.

My poor feet. I am a size 8 with fairly broad feet so some styles are a no no. I have had blisters and cuts and corns all in the vain hope that the shoes would be OK after a few wears – “They’ll stretch” “Give it time” I have had to walk home from the train station/bus stop with my shoes in my hand because I really could not take another step in them. 

I had Red cork wedges that were more like bricks on the bottom now I think about it, platform clogs and Pixie Boots during my New Romantic phase. My Wedding shoes were white patent stilettos with 3 1/2″ heels and a white leather bow on the heel. I loved those shoes and often wish I’d kept them although I believe I did actually wear them until they fell apart.

I had a pair of Red Kicker boots and a pair of turquoise Desert boots, both of which lasted a very long time.

I have trouble with tall boots because I have big calves which is very annoying!

Am I the only person who keeps their new shoes in a box, puts them on to admire them and then puts them back? I mean I’m a person who lives in jeans and Converse ( I shan’t tell you how many pairs of those I own) I wear bright coloured Birkenstocks with skirts in the Summer  – when we have a Summer. Again I have quite a few different colours. I don’t often have an excuse to get gussied up but I do love new shoes! If they are a bargain, so much the better. We couldn’t really afford Clarks shoes when I was young, but now they do beautiful stylish shoes at really quite reasonable prices, so I tend to shop quite a lot in there. And when the sales are on…come to Mumma!

I’ve had a quick count up and currently own the following –

 5 pairs of ankle boots

4 pairs of wedges

5 pairs of court shoes in various colours

7 pairs of Converse ( ok, I’ve told you)

5 pairs of Birkenstocks

2 pairs of long boots

4 pairs of Summer flat sandals ( I threw some away at the end of last Summer as they’d come to the end of their usefulness) ( That means I can buy more this year, right?)

2 pairs of running shoes (barely worn)

1 pair of high heeled silver sandals ( bought for a significant birthday and worn once)

1 pair of Amethyst suede heeled sling back sandals from Hobbs ( Gorgeous, stylish and comfortable 💜 )

1 pair Red patent court shoes with rainbow flecks from Hobbs bought for a party and never worn (no, I won’t get rid of them, I ❤️👠)

What do you think? Is that a lot? Or does your shoe collection match it?

I not sure whether I’d actually pay lots of money for a pair of Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos, but boy oh boy they’re beautiful! And I did drool when I watched Sex and theCity back in the day.

I sometimes see this sort of thing on Pinterest and think “one day” *sigh*

One day this will be mine!

4 thoughts on “Me and Shoes ”

  1. That is a lot of shoes! I have broad flat feet and bunions so finding shoes that fit or are comfortable is a real challenge. Big calves and ankles mean boots are impossible to find although I did find a pair of ankle boots this winter that I could actually do the zip up, Normally I dilly dally about buying shoes and end up not getting them. This time it was a no brainer. I bought them without hesitation! Talking of boots, do you remember those white boots with the stretchy uppers? Now they were the business! xx

  2. Compared to my shoe collection, yours is on par with Imelda Marcos lol. I’m a creature of habit and wear boots in winter and Converse in summer. If it’s exceptionally hot, I have a pair of sandals but in general the rest of my shoes gather dust in the wardrobe. X

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