Me and my Sewing Room

When you’re someone who crafts you dream of a space where you can spread out and get things done but be able to leave something out if you’re midway through. That’s usually difficult when there are kids around.

But my kids are now both grown and last Summer my son left home.Me and Letting Go My Daughter decided that she really fancied moving into his room as it was the biggest – it has the bay window so maybe it is slightly bigger – so we gave it a quick coat of white paint and moved her in with all the things she wanted to keep, and several bags of stuff ended up at the charity shop.

The back room had been hers since she was tiny. The last time it was decorated was 6 yrs ago when my son had started at uni so we thought she deserved a treat. She chose black carpet, in hindsight maybe not the best idea for a Blondie, and a purple wall to hang her guitars on. The ceiling was artexed and there was a cupboard built in that was not really any use. We had put her bookcase inside it to make use of the space. It really needed sorting out. We have decided that in the not too distant future we will be selling up and moving on, so in order to tidy it up and get it ready the only way to do it was to completely take the cupboard out and the ceiling down and get the whole room replastered.

So for the moment it has become my bolt hole  ( thanks to my twitter friend @barnstudiosigns  for making exactly what I wanted ) with a single bed for when my son comes home (or my hubby’s snoring gets too much 😜) and I had fun deciding what furniture I’d like to have and other bits and bobs. Thank goodness for IKEA! Here is the process in photos.



So there we have it. It’s a lovely space to relax in and hopefully I’ll get to make a few nice things before we do move on.


5 thoughts on “Me and my Sewing Room

  1. I envy you Stella! I would love a work room but we don’t have the space. I am hoping this year to use my new sewing machine. I have never sewn and really want to have a go. Can’t wait for the Sewing Bee to start again.

    1. I have sewn since I was a teenager…never finishing things off properly and often wearing things the evening I finished them. And of course, there was my wedding dress – my most proud make. Invest in good scissors! Just shout if there’s anything I can help you with.

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