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Me and My 2017 Goals – January Update

With reference to this post 2017 Goals here is my January Update

1) Read – halfway through Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Enjoying it so far

2) Craft – haberdashery and fabric sorted for 2 projects

3) Cook – nothing yet – perusing my books

4) Bake – same as above

5) Visit – weekend in Bournemouth booked

6) Skill – I had a visit to our local Woolshop who advised me that as a complete novice to Crochet, a ripple blanket might be tricky, but she showed me a knitted ripple blanket that I could manage. I’ve bought some yarn in my fave colour combo to give it a start. She also runs Crochet classes so I may well sign up.

6a) Skill Piano – I got the books out and got my fingers moving…it’ll take all year I’m sure!


6 thoughts on “Me and My 2017 Goals – January Update

  1. Two and a half years on and I’m still only at the Granny Square stage with my crocheting. A ripple blanket looks pretty complicated to me, but then I’ve never been very good at crafty things. xx

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