Me and the Institution of Marriage

There’s been a couple on the news lately who are fighting to be allowed to have a Civil Partnership instead of a marriage. Apparently they think that marriage is too patriarchal and want a more balanced relationship. Civil Partnerships were brought in so that homosexual couples could have the same legal privileges as heterosexual ones. As far as I was concerned it was exactly the same as a Register Office ceremony…a marriage without any religious connotations. Nowadays you may choose where and how you decide to show the world that you want to be a couple. People get married in barns, hotels, gardens, on beaches, in register offices and churches. They get married in jeans and t-shirts, or with the full white dress and formal suits with all the trimmings. It’s totally flexible. Up to the individual couple what they want to do. Vows can be whatever the couple think is appropriate for them.

My husband doesn’t believe in God, but he knew that I wanted to be married in church so went along with it. Does this nul and void our 31yr marriage? No. He made the promises in front of our families and friends.

As far as I’m concerned the meaning of the word marriage means a promise to try and stay together through thick and thin and grow old supporting each other. 

There should be no distinction. Civil Partnerships, Marriages overseen by a registrar, or conducted by a church official, as long as they’re legal, they’re all marriages. Some people have perfectly good relationships for their whole lives never actually tying the knot and that’s up to them too.

Personally I think this couple are being totally ridiculous. Looking for their 15 mins of fame.

Love is love

Marriage is marriage.


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