Me and my 2017 Goals – February update

With reference to this post here is my February Update
1) Read – finished  Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Glad I watched the film after I’d finished as it wasn’t incredibly well written. Also finished Rare Objects by Kathleen Tessaro. I enjoyed it even if it was quite predictable.
2) Craft – Bought the Red Nose Day craft book for more inspiration and 2 dress patterns.

3) Cook – nothing yet – perusing my books
4) Bake – I made a Finnish Runeberg cake for my birthday from Claire Clarke’s 80 Cakes from around the world. 

5) Visit – Had a nice day out at Olympia looking at very expensive shiny cars for auction. Planning nice trips when the weather improves.
6) Skill – My knitting of the ripple blanket is coming along.

6a) Skill Piano – Slowly, slowly…


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