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Me and moving house

We have lived in our current home for 24 years. We moved in when our son was 8 months old. It was the worst house in a good street. It had no double glazing, 70s wallpaper and a tiny kitchen. But it was a big step up from the one bedroom flat that we’d lived in for 7 years previously which was above a car showroom – a bit of a pain with a newborn and a buggy!

We spent the first few months stripping wallpaper when the boy was in bed and getting rid of the wood-chip. While we have lived here we have changed all the decor, extended the building and our family with another child.

But now it’s time to leave. Our kids don’t need to be at the local schools and Hubby no longer has to commute as he has left his job following a second heart attack.

Its been a good house. We’ve many wonderful memories.

I am excited for the future with a retirement by the sea on the cards. Excited to be nearer my Sisters and their families.

its going to be good.




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